06 Place

JVLR was a best-case scenario because of the pioneering urban resettlement policy enforced by the funder, The World Bank. Even so, the vertical resettlement colony, now named Sukh Sagar, has been difficult to turn into a valued place. Poorer resettled households have been unable to afford maintenance and many have left.

Those who remained have got a better private life but lost community, a loss women feel more acutely. But place is being made again. One woman built a small shrine beside an internal street giving many women a space and a chance, to meet each other.

Later road projects in Mumbai have modified provisions of the MUTP policy often leading to worse resettlement outcomes. As road infrastructure expands across the country, Pratap Nagar’s experience urges us to recognise the social value of places that are often thought to be obstacles in the way of ‘development’.




Nala Sopara